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Originally published in 1894, this Christian classic by Dwight Lymen Moody (1837-1899) who devoted his life to Christian revival.
Aiden Wilson Tozer (1897-1963) published this book in 1948. It has become a classic that has helped many in their relationship with God.
Robert Dick Wilson knew 45 languages. He could have access to original documentations other scholars only knew second-hand. His defense of the authority, spiritual and historical, of the Bible is unparalleled.
One of the best commentaries I have ever read on the book of Daniel – Giuseppe Guarino. And it comes from the fifth century! Written by Jerome, the author of the Vulgate Bible. A must!
These two scholars made history with their Greek text and their theories. You may agree or disagree with them, but their contribution to New Testament textual criticism is a fact.
This is the 1894 edition of the Textus Receptus, the Greek text behind the King James Version of the Bible, published by the English scholar Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener, 1813-1891
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This books presents the Majority Text of the Greek New Testament, also called Byzantine or Traditional Text, in a reliable and renown edition by two great scholars. The Introduction and Appendix to the text are very valuable for an understanding of New Testament textual criticism and the reasons behind the choice of the text preserved in the vast majority of the manuscripts.

Ivan Nikolayevich Panin (1855 – 1942) was a highly educated firm agnostic. When he began to examine the Bible to see if there was an underlying pattern contributing to its peculiarity, he discovered that there was an entire system of mathematical relationships underlying the text. This led to his conversion to Christianity.
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