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The Exodus: David Rohl, the New Chronology.

The Living Triune God

Some questions about the Bible answered

Jesus, a Nazarene

Bulding the ark on dry land

Christian Citizenship

The Bible is a reliable historical document

Abiathar – Mark 2:26

Christian lineage

Jonah, where are you going?

Seek God

The Fruit of the Spirit

Abba, Father

David Rohl, the Amarna letters and the New Chronology

The Text of the Old Testament

The Dead Sea Scrolls

The Book of Daniel, the Prophet – Commentary

How near is the time?

The Word: His Eternity, Incarnation and Revelation in the writings of the apostle John.

Why study God’s Word?

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… we preach Christ crucified (1 Corinthians 1:23)

There are too many reasons to study the Bible to be listed in just one article. But the main reason why we need to read and study the Word is, to say it with Jerome, the Church Father of the fifth century, that the ignorance of the Scriptures is ignorance of Christ.

In the Bible we learn about Jesus. We understand who he is. We learn why he became a man, why we need him to be saved – even what it means to be saved.

We learn from the Word of God that because we believe (and if we believe) on his Name, we can be called children of God.

After we receive him in our heart, we must investigate the Scriptures to really know who we are in Christ, what are the privileges of being children of God, as well as what is God’s will for our lives

It is in the Bible that we learn that Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to all those who believe in him and that this same Spirit will lead us to fully understand the Bible as we study it and enjoy communion with God and the other believers.

The Word of God will comfort us, sustain us, give us peace, understanding, awareness, instructions. It is indeed a secure manual to effectevely live all the blessings that God has in store for us.

Without constant reading and studying of the Holy Bible a Christian can never hope to really know who he is in Christ and fruitfully live his faith.

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