The New Testament among the Dead Sea Scrolls

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The New Testament among the Dead Sea Scrolls
New Testament books among the Dead Sea Scrolls: 7Q5 identified as a surving fragment of a copy of the Gospel of Mark

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(from the book)

I never had the opportunity to visit an archeological site. I never physically entered the Qumran caves. I have neither seen nor touched the treasures they have so diligently guarded for centuries. But in the last few years, nothing has occupied my thoughts more than the search for the possible traces left by early Christians there.
Sometimes evidence of the past may be huge, majestic, like the Egyptian pyramids. Other times it is all hidden in small fragments. In the latter case it all depends on man’s deductive ability to reveal the truths hidden in the surviving evidence.
The latter is the case with the manuscript fragment called 7Q5 – which stands for relic 5 of cave 7 in the Qumran site.
Many have tried to understand what 7Q5 actually bears witness to. I am sure many have spent sleepless nights trying to understand if it is possible to prove what was the content of the original complete manuscript – I am one of them.
I felt the need to find answers to the puzzling questions that 7Q5 arises and share them with others.
In the pages that follow you will find my discoveries on 7Q5 and the results of my studies which have literally kept me awake for months – especially during the hot Sicilian summer nights.
My work is far from being perfect. I know I nearly scratched the surface. Yet I think I have collected enough information to give a small but honest contribution to a better knowledge of such a wonderful discovery (that of the caves of Qumran) walking in the footsteps of those who not only had a right to speak, but also felt the urge not to remain in silence.
I am convinced that even the longest journey is made of little, consistent steps forward and that is why I dare leave my modest contribution to this debate and subject.
Perhaps the greatest ambition of a writer is to dream of leaving enough traces of ink on the paper so that the curious people of tomorrow may find them worth enough spending sleepless nights to solve the mystery they hide.