The Book of Daniel, the Prophet – Commentary

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Daniel Cover Dec 14, 2015

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(from the book)

It is a privilege to write about God’s Word, and it is a double privilege to write in English.

I began to study this language when I was fourteen, which is about the same time when I became a Christian. Beginning at that young age in the faith, I became fascinated by biblical end time prophecies. This book is the result of about 30 years of personal study and meditation on that subject.

I ask the reader to be patient with me. While I try my best, I never resided in an English speaking Country and never learned English academically. God sent me an editor – who prefers not to be mentioned by name – who has helped improve the quality of the language in this book – to him I express my gratitude. However, I am aware that my language and exposition are below the standard one should expect when such wonderful topics are considered. My prayer is the reader will focus his or her attention to the Word and the interpretation given here. In this way, God alone will be exalted, and the deep meaning of the Scripture proclaimed and conviction will be dependent on the Holy Spirit ministry rather than human eloquence.

May God bless the hearers and doers of His Word.